Chia Fresca

chiafrescaIf you are a little squeamish about creepy crawlies, don’t let the picture of Chia Fresca scare you. Although, be warned, if you do drink this concoction in public, everyone will want to know what in the heck you are drinking. You will try to explain it to them, and they will shake their heads in dismay because they haven’t realized how good this drink can be for you. They may also have at one time received a Chia Pet as a gift and probably never thought it was actually edible. In our modern diets, it is not always easy to maintain a balance with consuming omega 3 rich food, and these seeds are an excellent source of nutrition for omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are actually members of the mint family and have been incorporated into the South American diet for many years. An easy way to use them is to add them to your favorite drink. You may be wondering about their texture. They are very similar to tomato seeds, so if you have issues with tomatoes, this unfortunately is not the drink for you. If you just add about a tablespoon to any beverage and let is sit for a few hours, you are good to go; however, the seeds will settle unless you heat the water to boiling before you add them. There won’t be any effect on the taste, it is just that drinking Chia Fresca is more pleasant when the Chia seeds are evenly distributed throughout the beverage.

Some ideas to try it with: Tea, Lemonade, Water with Lemon or Lime

OMG – What Happened to Barbie?

new barbie 2016As 2016 sets its mark on the world, we enter a new chapter in the books for Barbie. For anyone that may not know who Barbie is, Barbie is the iconic doll that was launched in 1959 and was the product of Ruth Handler, who actually based the idea on a pre-existing German doll Bild-Lilli. Ruth had a daughter, Barbara, and at the time, most dolls for girls were more like baby dolls. On a trip to Germany, Ruth found the Bild-Lilli doll, which had more adult features and was actually marketed towards adults, gave one to her daughter, and then approached Mattel about her idea to market a more adult doll to young girls. The name Barbie is even inspired by her daughter Barbara.

The rest is literally history. Barbie has been an iconic image since her debut. She has undergone many subtle changes over the years in an effort to remain relevant. There was Ballerina Barbie, Career Barbie, Beach Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Glamour Barbie, and the list goes on. Barbie has been used to inspire girls to be whatever their imagination desired. Barbie represented all that was pink and pretty with the world. She was your playmate, confidante, and girlfriend….even for those of you that ripped her head off for fun.

To expand her appeal across multi-cultural and ethnic boundaries, the Barbie dolls received a makeover that gave them additional skin tones and hair color/textures, but the basic structure and recipe of Barbie remained the same. Let’s fast forward to 2016. Mattel has just released a new version of the Barbie brand doll. Now she will have more ‘normal’ figures and sizes. For years, many groups have spoken out against Barbie because to them, she represented an unattainable beauty that was harmful to children. Her skin was flawless. She was always beach body ready. She was tall, thin, and had perky breasts. She was the epitome of Western culture beauty and glamour.

When does Barbie stop being Barbie? Do these new dolls really boost self confidence because now you can have a doll that looks exactly like you? Should Mattel leave Barbie alone and create a new line of more ‘real’ dolls? Isn’t the point of imagination, existing in a fantasy world for just a short time? Check out Barbie’s transformation over the years below.


bild lilli






2015 Ballet


2014 Holiday




2010 2

2009 Holiday

2009 Harley Davidson



2006 Holiday

2004 Bard Barbie



2002 January Birthstone


2000 Rose Princess

1997 Cool Blue

1999 Rainbow Princess

1996 Hula Hair


1994 Bubble

1993 Mermaid Barbie

1991 Totally Hair

1992 Party Changes Barbie

1991 Holiday Barbie

1990 Ski Fun

1989 Happy Holiday Barbie


1988 Feeling Fun Barbie


1984 Dream Time

1983 Crystal Barbie




1967 Francie Barbie's cousin




1961Barbie Nurse collage A  Luis A Rojas

photo:willy stylist:jen


Photo Jeremy Stylist Susan Job 0845999

Photo Jeremy
Stylist Susan
Job 0845999


new barbie 2016

Why the U.S. doesn’t need a woman president……

election-20161This election season has already turned out to be quite a show and it looks like it will just get even more comical as we enter the primary races. The candidates have definitely given us lots to talk about. The Donald has been steadily leading the Republican nominee position with his loud media savvy style, overshadowing his competition, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, while the Democratic nomination once thought to be in the bag for Hillary Clinton is turning out to be a closer race. Bernie Sanders is definitely giving Hillary a run for her money.

Some would think it high time the U.S. has a female president. I don’t necessarily disagree that if the most qualified person running for the presidential candidacy was a woman, she should have the position. I do disagree that you should spend your vote electing a candidate based on their gender. It is worrisome that many may do just that. Poll after poll has identified Hillary as the least trusted candidate hopeful by U.S. citizens, yet so many speak about voting for her solely on her being female. Hillary Clinton testifies

The predominant theme heard over and again when speaking of Hillary is that it is just time the position was held by a woman. There is little discussion of her political accomplishments. I haven’t heard if there really are any. The only accomplishment I can recall is her involvement in the Benghazi situation, and that isn’t positive. Whatever happened to voting for a candidate because you believed in their qualifications? Because they were a proven leader? Because they instituted positive change? Why does it matter that a woman holding the presidential title wait until there is a qualified candidate that earns the vote of the people because she is a great leader? Why does it have to be right now, because it is just time? If Elizabeth Warren were running, I don’t think there would be as much discussion about her gender but about her policy and qualifications to lead…

379_PresidentialElectionDon’t get me wrong. I believe women are not limited by gender and can accomplish greatness. I think women need to believe in each other more than they do. Everyone has the potential to exceed ceiling standards. While not always as numerous as men, history gives us a litany of strong women that have lead countries, empires, and civilizations. Behind every great man, is typically a woman whispering sweet nothings that are influencing his decisions. It isn’t that I don’t think one day a woman will reside in the oval office. I just don’t think it is wise to vote for a candidate because she is a woman.

Why you are already beautiful and should love yourself just the way you are.

4 random women were asked to take part in a professional photo shoot. Professionals fixed their hair, applied their makeup, and dressed them. After the pictures were taken, they were digitally enhanced to make them look like super models. A surprising thing happened when they saw their pictures. They realized how beautiful their imperfections made them.

Proof, you don’t have to be skinny to dance.

We spend so much time worrying about our weight and what we look like, we let our fears stop us from doing the things we love. Whitney Thore has loved dancing since she was 4 years old. After inexplicable weight gain, she couldn’t face her reflection and failed out of dance class her Freshman year of college. She was later diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which likely contributed to the weight gain and then moved to Korea. Once in Korea, she began to dance again. Whitney is proof that healthy isn’t a number on your scale, and you don’t have to be a skinny mini to be a great dancer!