The Zodiac Influence – Shoes

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  Shoes.  Everyone loves shoes, and the best thing about them is that your shoes size doesn’t quite fluctuate as much as everything else on your body might.  I was rummaging through some pictures of famous closets this morning and after looking at my own meager collection, I began to wonder if the shoes you are […]

Racist, Artistic, or Unworthy?

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The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was just released, and this year, the objective for the photo shoots was to capture the SI Beauties on all 7 continents.  Not only do you have the opportunity to see scantily clad beach babes, but scantily clad beach babes in exotic locations around the world.  The hot topic […]

Feminism Today

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 It isn’t very difficult to find examples of women being exploited for capital gain.  Kate Upton is a prime example.  She uses her physical attributes to appeal to men for money.  You can blame the men that leer at her for objectifying women, but realistically, it is her that profits from the exposure and attention. […]