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SKIN79_PINKIn my quest for better looking skin, I was searching for a product that promised to reduce fine lines and reduce hyperpigmentation.  Interestingly enough, I came across a product line I had never heard of before, SKIN79.  SKIN79 is a Korean manufacturer of skin care products that have just about everything from skin care, makeup, serums, BB Creams, etc.  As BB Creams are all the rage now from a multipurpose perspective, I have tried quite a few and yet, I had not found one that I would likely purchase a second time.  SKIN79_Gold

I found a BB Cream that had rave reviews, SKIN 79 – PINK.  It claimed to have the ability to act as a tinted moisturizer, skin whitener, and block the sun’s harmful rays.  I placed my order and have been quite delighted.  The consistency is dense like foundation but spreads evenly so it doesn’t look cakey.  The color is a slight grayish tan, but when applied to the skin, it melts and matches fairly well.  It is definitely for lighter complexions though.  If you have a tan or just darker skin tones, you will look a little ghostly if you don’t apply additional foundation.  I apply a dab of L’Oreal Infallible over the BB Cream, just because I prefer FULL coverage and then set with powder.  I have foregone the additional foundation and still thought my complexion looked pretty good.   The PINK brand is just one of many SKIN79 has to offer.  They have an Orange that is a little darker and higher SPF.  Then they have a Gold BB Cream that is supposed to be their luxury formula that boasts more moisturizing capability for mature or dry skin.  The list goes on.

SKIN79_snailSKIN79 even has a Snail Nutrition Cream.  I haven’t tried it yet.  I know.  How can I consider myself a product junkie if I won’t acquiese and try it.  Snail secretion is supposed to be fabulous, but I just cannot bring myself to try it.  Maybe someday, but not today.

I made my initial purchase from Amazon; however, since then, I have learned that everyone should be very cautious when purchasing SKIN 79 products on Amazon because there are many fraudulent vendors that sell knockoffs pretending to be legitimate.  The genuine product can generally be identified by its irridescent label, printings on the inside box packaging, and the perforated tear on the box packaging.  Just to be safe, you will want to verify that the vendor you are dealing with is not engaging in fraudulent behavior.  If you are uncertain, SKIN79 does have a retail website.

Just when I find a BB Cream that I will likely purchase again, I came across an article on Huffington Post where dermatologists list the 7 beauty products you shouldn’t waste your money on and guess what was number one on the list?  Yes, it was BB Creams.  I thought it was a little rude to diss any general product type like that.  I have found that it just depends on the brand, the ingredients, and your skin.  Skin is not a one size fits all, so what works for one will not work for everyone.  I’ve been to some questionable dermatologists that have tried to peddle the product lines their offices carry, just because they earn a commission.  Quite honestly, I have not been too impressed with many of them and they are ubber expensive, so I think I’ll continue to look for multipurpose BB Creams that improve my complexion on my budget……..


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