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Who says marriage doesn’t last?

Celebrity couples are the least likely to make it past their 5th anniversary. Here are some of the most notable celeb couples that have been together over 15 years. If they can do it, there is hope for us all!!!!! Denzel and Pauletta Washington 29 years Faith Hill and Time McGraw 16 years Iman and […]

The Craze of Crossfit

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  It seems like wherever you turn Cross Fit is the new craze, so what is it? Crossfit incorporates a little of just about everything in a group setting, performed at high intensity. Crossfit will not help you specialize in any one fitness area. It incorporates functional movements, the key word is functional, combined to […]

Feminism Today

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 It isn’t very difficult to find examples of women being exploited for capital gain.  Kate Upton is a prime example.  She uses her physical attributes to appeal to men for money.  You can blame the men that leer at her for objectifying women, but realistically, it is her that profits from the exposure and attention. […]