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How to Fake a Thigh Gap

  The latest trend these days is ‘thigh gap’.  For some of you that may not know what ‘thigh gap’ is, it is the condition of allowing your knees to touch without your thighs touching.  Unless you are really skinny or have tremendously large hips, ‘thigh gap’ isn’t possible for everyone.  Here is a way […]

MSG: Improving Taste Means Improving Nutrition?

MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate is a salt of the amino acid – Glutamic Acid (glutamate), so chemically speaking, it is approximately 78 percent free glutamic acid, 21 percent sodium, and up to 1 percent contaminants. MSG or Monosodium Glutamate definitely stimulates your taste buds, but how food tastes does not improve the nutritional value of the […]

Trial By Water

It isn’t that I don’t like water.  I really do, especially during a bike ride or after a workout.  It is just so boring to drink all day.  It is like white walls, sometimes they are chic, and sometimes you just need a little color in your life.  My ongoing drink of choice is black […]

Secret About Salads

 There are a lot of preconceived notions around salads.  It seems as though the word ‘Salad’ automatically equates to ‘Healthy’.  Unfortunately, that is just not true.  Salads can be very healthy.  They can also have more saturated fat and calories than a double decker cheeseburger.  It all depends on what ingredients you choose to put […]

Skin Food

The beauty of skin is that it can be treated both topically and fed from within.   By using high quality products with vitamins and with the proper nutrition, you can optimize your skin’s potential.  Vitamins keep skin healthy by repairing skin damage from sun exposure, protect you at the cellular level from free radicals, improve […]

Fit Fat Skinny Healthy

Recently there has been a lot of discussion surrounding and an article on their site about Kate Upton being compared to the bovine family.  In addition to articles, the site allows a platform for people that desire to be extremely thin to share stories, ask questions, provide diet tips, makeup tips, etc. received […]