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Why the U.S. doesn’t need a woman president……

This election season has already turned out to be quite a show and it looks like it will just get even more comical as we enter the primary races. The candidates have definitely given us lots to talk about. The Donald has been steadily leading the Republican nominee position with his loud media savvy style, […]

Guess who might soon be banned from dining in restaurants?

Saturday night, a couple took their 8 month old child to a 3 star Chicago restaurant, Alinea. The child was very disruptive at dinner, crying and throwing a temper tantrum. The restaurant Chef, Grant Achatz, said he could hear the child from the kitchen and expressed his frustration about the evening in a tweet. Grant […]

You won’t believed was special power this bracelet has that can help improve your skin health.

Everyone has heard about the damaging and aging effects the sun has on our skin, so Netatmo has developed jewelry we can wear as a bracelet that measures sun exposure and alerts the wearer to apply sunscreen and/or get out of the sun. Now you can be fashionable and sun safe, how cool is that?

If you could talk to your childhood self, what would you say? Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka attempts the impossible.

Japanese photographer, Chino Otsuka, didn’t exactly have a chance to travel back in time, so she took a very artistic approach and superimposed current images of herself standing along side her child self and the results are breathtaking. Each moment is captured beautifully.

Tips For Keeping Your Immune System Healthy To Avoid Getting The Flu

Flu season is upon us again. ┬áHere are a few suggested tips for staying healthy. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Get enough sleep. Wash your hands. Stay up to date on vaccinations and flu shots.   Keep your weight healthy. […]