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The story of this mom will make you hug your kids a little tighter tonight.

33 year old British mum, Rowena Darby, discovered she had cancer shortly after the birth of her son.  Once the cancer was diagnosed, she immediately began treatment, but as the disease progressed, it looked like she wasn’t going to win the battle.  Her main goal was to always extend her life and long as possible […]

Guess who might soon be banned from dining in restaurants?

Saturday night, a couple took their 8 month old child to a 3 star Chicago restaurant, Alinea. The child was very disruptive at dinner, crying and throwing a temper tantrum. The restaurant Chef, Grant Achatz, said he could hear the child from the kitchen and expressed his frustration about the evening in a tweet. Grant […]

Not all Chinese Mothers are Tigers

It would seem that self proclaimed ‘Tiger Mom’, Amy Chua, is back. She is now releasing a book called “The Triple Package” which claims there are 8 superior cultures in America, mainstream not being one of them. Before we stereotype her as the typical Chinese mother as she stereotypes each of us as typically inept, […]

Teens and Plastic Surgery a Solution to Bullying?

Bullying is the catch phrase for the current generation. Social media has given it more power than ever. What kind of message is being sent when a bullied or teased child undergoes plastic surgery to alter their natural appearance for the artificial acceptance of others? Is there a winner in this game? Can’t we learn […]