Chia Fresca

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chiafrescaIf you are a little squeamish about creepy crawlies, don’t let the picture of Chia Fresca scare you. Although, be warned, if you do drink this concoction in public, everyone will want to know what in the heck you are drinking. You will try to explain it to them, and they will shake their heads in dismay because they haven’t realized how good this drink can be for you. They may also have at one time received a Chia Pet as a gift and probably never thought it was actually edible. In our modern diets, it is not always easy to maintain a balance with consuming omega 3 rich food, and these seeds are an excellent source of nutrition for omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are actually members of the mint family and have been incorporated into the South American diet for many years. An easy way to use them is to add them to your favorite drink. You may be wondering about their texture. They are very similar to tomato seeds, so if you have issues with tomatoes, this unfortunately is not the drink for you. If you just add about a tablespoon to any beverage and let is sit for a few hours, you are good to go; however, the seeds will settle unless you heat the water to boiling before you add them. There won’t be any effect on the taste, it is just that drinking Chia Fresca is more pleasant when the Chia seeds are evenly distributed throughout the beverage.

Some ideas to try it with: Tea, Lemonade, Water with Lemon or Lime

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