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Recently there has been a lot of discussion surrounding and an article on their site about Kate Upton being compared to the bovine family.  In addition to articles, the site allows a platform for people that desire to be extremely thin to share stories, ask questions, provide diet tips, makeup tips, etc. received so much attention that her site was hacked and shut down for a few days.

I do not believe that people were in an uproar over the Kate Upton article.  I think the ire is driven from the site’s acceptance of being extremely thin.  I find it interesting that there is so much publicity surrounding the prevention of Anorexia when so many more people struggle with being overweight, to the point of global obesity being called a pandemic.  

There is scientific evidence that if you live on a calorie restricted diet, you can extend your lifespan.  This means living at the lowest body possible to still function, which is not unlike some of the members.  Calorie restriction is similar to anorexia, but it isn’t the same.  An anorexic can never be thin enough.  Once they achieve a goal, they set another one at a lower weight.  CR practitioners try to consume optimal nutritional within a predetermined caloric intake.  Their goal is not to disappear; they want to extend their lifespan.

There is also scientific evidence that supports how being overweight can impair your immune system, lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and taxes your body, ultimately lowering your expected life span.  If current trends continue, the children of today are the first generation expected to experience a shorter life span than their parents.  

My point is that we don’t live in a world where one size fits all, and if it wasn’t for Photoshop, there would be no perfect picture marketing campaigns.  Why should we judge or be judged by our height, weight, BMI, or body measurements? If we are doing ourselves more harm than good by eating too much or eating too little, we lose.  Healthy is not a look, a weight, or a specific body measurement.  Healthy is feeding your body nutritiously and feeling good.  Why can’t we strive to be healthy no matter what path we take?

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