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A Product of Photo Shop

  These days, it will be difficult to find any picture that is available on the internet that hasn’t been photoshopped.  The next time you are flipping through a magazine and you begin to compare your imperfections to those perfect images, just remember this video.  Anything is possible with a little or a lot of […]

How to Fake a Thigh Gap

  The latest trend these days is ‘thigh gap’.  For some of you that may not know what ‘thigh gap’ is, it is the condition of allowing your knees to touch without your thighs touching.  Unless you are really skinny or have tremendously large hips, ‘thigh gap’ isn’t possible for everyone.  Here is a way […]

Fit Fat Skinny Healthy

Recently there has been a lot of discussion surrounding  www.skinnygossip.com and an article on their site about Kate Upton being compared to the bovine family.  In addition to articles, the site allows a platform for people that desire to be extremely thin to share stories, ask questions, provide diet tips, makeup tips, etc.  www.skinnygossip.com received […]