The Craze of Crossfit

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It seems like wherever you turn Cross Fit is the new craze, so what is it? Crossfit incorporates a little of just about everything in a group setting, performed at high intensity. Crossfit will not help you specialize in any one fitness area. It incorporates functional movements, the key word is functional, combined to improve overall cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination. It takes a more comprehensive approach to achieving fitness results.

Not that you couldn’t do it in the privacy of your home, but Crossfit is supposed to be more of a community activity. The could be because when in a group setting, people tend to be more motivated and competative, so their workouts would be more effective. The other reason is that if you did this in the privacy of your home, you wouldn’t need to join a Crossfit gym……Depending on your preference for group activities, that could be a bonus or a deal breaker.

The biggest criticism I hear of Crossfit is that your risk of injury greatly increases because the varied ‘functional’ movement are done with such intensity that it may be difficult to remain in good form, thus moving improperly and causing injury. Crossfit is something that should probably be done under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Which leads to the next issue some have with Crossfit, the cost. Crossfit membership and classes tend to be more costly than traditional gym memberships.

Crossfit has no shortage of advocates, and I don’t think there is any question as to its effectiveness when performed regularly and properly. It is an integral component of Bob Harper’s program on the Biggest Loser. Crossfit Gyms are poping up all over. Celebs rave about its benefits. It is definitely an ‘in crowd’ thing to do.

Here are nine celebrities who use Crossfit to stay in shape: Jessica Biel, Max Greenfield, Kelly Clarkson, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Hudgens, Cameron Diaz, Jason Statham, Trevor Donovan, and Parker Young. The one thing I notice about these particular celebrities is that they definitely pack more muscle than the average skinny fat Hollywood body. So, if that is what you are striving for, perhaps Crossfit is the new craze for you too.


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