Toddler Knee Pads, Really?

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I have a very young nephew so I was perusing the shopping ads in preparation for Christmas.  I am always intrigued by the Zulily advertisements I see because they have the most adorable little girl clothing.  Why don’t they make these outfits in MY size?  I don’t think girls ever outgrow their desire to be a princess.  I never did.  Anyway, I digress.  I saw this really cute frilly number and navigated to the site when I saw knee pads for toddlers.  See image on left from Zulily.   They come in all sorts of cute designs, styles, and colors, but seriously, since when have toddlers needed knee pads?  I must have missed something.  Who is letting their child crawl around on a surface that warrants toddler knee pads?  Toddlers don’t weigh much and are not putting much pressure on their chubby little knees.

I understand the push behind forcing children to wear the helmets and safety pads when riding their bikes, scooters, and skates, but I think toddler knee pads are a bit much.  When will we recognize that the bubble wrap we place our children in do more harm than good?  In some cases, I think it might be better to spend more time teaching the kids to be more responsible and cautious instead of overpadding them so that they can be reckless and not get hurt in the slightest.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see any child in an emergency room, but if a child never gets a scraped knee or bruised elbow, how will they learn to avoid the larger mishaps?

Who are we really protecting, the children or the parents?

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