Wheat Flour vs. Whole Grain White Flour

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Just like everyone else, I have been trying to find ways to make dining at home healthier.  My first goal has been to eliminate (or restrict) all non-nutritional food elements like white flour and white sugar.

Since my family loves breads, I figured that if I swapped out my all-purpose flour with a more nutritional substitute, I would make the most headway with the least impact.  The question to be answered was substitute it with what?  There are so many options available.

Flour can be made from just about any wheat, corn, rice, nuts, legumes, and some fruits and vegetables.  Since I’m looking for the best flour to use for baking, it appeared that flour milled from wheat was my best option.  I’ve tried a few non-wheat flours and I never perfected the skill to use them with good results.  Wheat flour is thought to be a healthier option, but I don’t like the flavor in whole wheat products.  Then I found that whole wheat flour may not necessarily be the most nutritious.  In fact, whole wheat flour is still processed and stripped of  nutrients.  To my surprise, whole grain flour is the least processed, uses the whole wheat kernel (germ, bran, & endosperm),  and it comes in wheat and white.  The difference is the type of wheat used.  Red wheat produces a darker, slightly bitter, nutty product.  Lighter colored wheat produces a lighter flour with a milder taste.  

I made my first cupcakes today using whole grain white flour.  I substituted all of the all-purpose flour with the whole grain white flour using my favorite basic cupcake recipe from www.Bakingdom.com.  The end result was quite tasty,  if I do say so myself.  My son, the picky eater, asked for seconds, yeah!!!!.  I did notice that the whole grain flour is much more dense than all-purpose or cake flour so more moisture was needed.  I’m thinking that this flour will work really well in an applesauce, pumpkin, or carrot cake recipe.

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