Why the U.S. doesn’t need a woman president……

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election-20161This election season has already turned out to be quite a show and it looks like it will just get even more comical as we enter the primary races. The candidates have definitely given us lots to talk about. The Donald has been steadily leading the Republican nominee position with his loud media savvy style, overshadowing his competition, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, while the Democratic nomination once thought to be in the bag for Hillary Clinton is turning out to be a closer race. Bernie Sanders is definitely giving Hillary a run for her money.

Some would think it high time the U.S. has a female president. I don’t necessarily disagree that if the most qualified person running for the presidential candidacy was a woman, she should have the position. I do disagree that you should spend your vote electing a candidate based on their gender. It is worrisome that many may do just that. Poll after poll has identified Hillary as the least trusted candidate hopeful by U.S. citizens, yet so many speak about voting for her solely on her being female. Hillary Clinton testifies

The predominant theme heard over and again when speaking of Hillary is that it is just time the position was held by a woman. There is little discussion of her political accomplishments. I haven’t heard if there really are any. The only accomplishment I can recall is her involvement in the Benghazi situation, and that isn’t positive. Whatever happened to voting for a candidate because you believed in their qualifications? Because they were a proven leader? Because they instituted positive change? Why does it matter that a woman holding the presidential title wait until there is a qualified candidate that earns the vote of the people because she is a great leader? Why does it have to be right now, because it is just time? If Elizabeth Warren were running, I don’t think there would be as much discussion about her gender but about her policy and qualifications to lead… porno

379_PresidentialElectionDon’t get me wrong. I believe women are not limited by gender and can accomplish greatness. I think women need to believe in each other more than they do. Everyone has the potential to exceed ceiling standards. While not always as numerous as men, history gives us a litany of strong women that have lead countries, empires, and civilizations. Behind every great man, is typically a woman whispering sweet nothings that are influencing his decisions. It isn’t that I don’t think one day a woman will reside in the oval office. I just don’t think it is wise to vote for a candidate because she is a woman.

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